1995/09/25 – There is a Doctor in the House

The New York Observer

September 25, 1995

Luis Marcos: There Is a Doctor In the House

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has shown wisdom in his choice of Dr. Luis Rojas Marcos, a scrappy survivor of city politics, as the new president of city’s Health and Hospitals Corporation.

The 52-year-old Dr. Marcos is a prominent psychiatrist and a researcher who can bring sanity to the city’s sprawling system of 11 hospitals.

His speciality is the homeless mentally ill. The city’s commissioner of mental health since 1992, Dr. Marcos also served as former senior vice president of H.H.C., where he headed his office of mental health and substance abuse.

He was the force behind Project HELP, witch sends social workers out to help the homeless. He is an expert as bridging language and cultural barriers. In short, his resume perfectly fits the sad spectacle of the city’s meaner streets.

The Mayor has proposed selling, leasing or shutting down the city’s 11 public hospitals. If that has to be done, it is comforting to know that Dr. Marcos will be there to make the final decision.

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